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Game News

Welcome to the Company of Wolves Website

Hjt 12/11/2013 12:09 PM
I have decied to stop paying for the website. After almost 5 years of covering it I feel the level of activity is too low for me to jusify the costs anymore. As of Dec 31 2013 I will have the site closed out. Thank you all for the great times.
Other Guild News

CAT. is coming

Hjt, Nov 24, 10 9:26 AM.
The latest patch from Blizz has shown us the land scape for the much awaited Cat. release. While watching Rrdyt tour SW, we both noticed the greatly improved graphic quality and detail Blizz has added. I am however disapointed that Blizz jumped over the destruction of SW and is now showing the rebuilding of it. It would of been kind of nice to see SW and other places in ruin till the release of Cat.

Log on issues

Hjt, Nov 2, 10 12:39 PM.
Once again Blizzard was having log on issues. Seems many people could not log in at all. Oddly enogh Rrdyt could not log in but I could with no issues. At first we thought it was a hack so I tried to log into the Battlenet account and was unable to do so from either account. After 30 minutes Blizz finally placed an alert about this on the log in page.

Fix it Please

Hjt, Oct 26, 10 12:03 PM.
Okay, if I were to list all the issues with the last patch I would bring this site down. Wow, did Blizz boo boo or what. The headless horseman issue, trying to click flags in BG's and locking up which requires you to restart WoW and when you log back on you are flagged as a deserter for the BG. I had a ticket open 2 days with no replay. Please fix the issues before Cat is released Blizz.

Halloween terror

Hjt, Oct 20, 10 1:57 PM.
There has been several reports of a bug while downing the headless horseman occurring when you try to activate he pumpkin. The result has been a total lock up that usually forces a reboot. I have witness Rrdyt have this occur to him. The issue seems to be caused by having the mouse tip tool selected and as you hover over the pumpkin there is no data transfer so bam and jam.


Hjt, Oct 14, 10 12:59 PM.
Major download issues with talent tree and toons, some of the issues in the public realm that were fixed are broken again in latest patch leading up to Cat. The talent tree has also messed up many players that now are having a major time tanking compared to the last patch.


Hjt, Oct 13, 10 12:11 PM.
As most of you now know, Tuesday's patch was rather large, 4.7 Gb, if I am not mistaken. Once installed you will have to take some time to respec your toon. I also noticed that the majority of the files were graphic in nature. It looks like WoW is going to become a graphical work of art so make sure your video card can handle it.
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